Southside Jimmy are a 4 (and a bit) piece rock band based in Milton Keynes. They reflect the energy of the New City in their music. Their sets consist of good guitar rock from The Stones to Stereophonics..... and beyond ... covering tracks from Feeder, the Foo Fighters and the Chilis to name but a few. Now for a bit of background on the boys.....

Jimmy - Guitar, vocals, sweat, wee sweary words

From the back streets of the Gorbals on the Southside of Glasgow, singer/guitarist Jimmy hit the streets of London in the early 80's. Soon immersed in the heart of the 80's music scene, Jimmy was one half of Exposure with ex-Toyah Guitarist Joel Bogen. He went on to play bass guitar and sing lead vocals with Mike Oldfield. He toured Europe extensively on bass and vocals for Mike and also with Bonnie Tyler.

For a time Jimmy was also one of Screaming Lord Sutch’s Savages (not a lot of people know that)!

Keef - Guitar, Vocals and Mark 3 Spitfire not that one. This is Wing Co. K J Biggleswade III. CDM and Bar (any bar). Not a lot known about Keef other than .... actually other than nothing... I'm not really sure that's his real name!

Seen here in classic "please don't arrest me till I've finished this song" pose....

Big Dog - Drums, more tattoos than Edinburgh!

The engine room of SSJ is Big Dog : Powerhouse Drummer & Illustrated Man. Big Dog is the backbone of SSJ. He keeps us all in time (mainly because he scares the sh** out of us!!!).  We were going to write more about him but he threatened to slap me with an injunction (I’ve never heard a baseball bat called that before!!)

Jo Five Whiskies - Vocals, Percussion, bitchy comments

The 5th member of our 4 piece band. Backing Vocals and Percussion - Jo's oral and rhythmic techniques greatly enhances the enjoyment of the band!

Jo’s only previous singing experience was performing at her local cathedral - at a Black Mass or two!

Cool Hand Jez - Bass, vocals, frowning and hair

Jez served his apprenticeship with Legacy - a Southern blues/ rock band from St. Albans, The Escape Committee - possibly the only band to get a residency at The Kings Head in Fulham in the 80's. With Lavender Rose - a six piece band from Hatfield, he recorded the well received cd titled 'Bourbon Street' in 1992 and played regularly on the London scene at The Mean Fiddler' ,'The Garage' and 'The Orange Club'.

Jez has toured across Europe including on the European leg of the Crowded House world tour. Jez's ligging skills are (in)famous..often to be seen at the side of his even-more-famous cousin Laurence (trumpet player with UB40) doing considerable damage to any Record Company's bar bill.